A startup Web community, was an online dating and social network offering innovative matching tools, interactive content, and other ways to meet people. I began working at while the site was only a series of white-board sketches and Powerpoint presentations. This allowed me to work with engineers to produce the first pages using StoryServer, build a Production team, and watch the site and membership grow over the course of the year I worked at After we lost funding, the site came down in May of 1998.

I worked for GoodCompany from 1997 – 1998:

  • Managed team to produce and integrate new technical features (including message boards, chat, and searching/matching tools) and content into a community oriented and intensively database-driven Web site. Involved coordination with all other departments of the company working especially close with the design and engineering teams to keep projects on schedule and ensure high quality standards for the site.
  • Developed and maintained site standards, publishing process and schedule. Managed internal QA of site to guarantee both superior performance and a positive user experience.
  • Worked daily with Vignette’s StoryServer to build pages (merging HTML, tcl with embedded SQL, and design elements) and manage content.